“Everything starts with the mutual
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“We fight for your interest with passion and are engaged in achieving your goals with heart and soul.”


“We say what we can do, and we admit honestly what we cannot do – and both before we start working!”


“We take responsibility for our statements, since you can trust us!”


“We use a clear language as basis for our comprehensible working results.”


“We focus on the crucial elements without any superfluous knickknack.”



“We fight for your interest with passion and are engaged in achieving your goals with heart and soul.”



“We say what we can do, and we admit honestly what we cannot do – and both before we start working!”



“We take responsibility for our statements, since you can trust us!”



“We use a clear language as basis for our comprehensible working results.”



“We focus on the crucial elements without any superfluous knickknack.”



Welcome to corelegal

We think that Passion, Frankness, Commitment, Transparency and Efficiency are values of elemental importance. These are not only catchwords, but they reflect our conviction and provide clarity regarding what you may expect.


Our approach

Individual solutions instead of replaceable mass products – customized items instead of “one size fits all” mentality: In our “boutique consultancy” corelegal pursues the principle of a tailor’s shop! 

corelegal and its partners comply with your quality requirements by

  • responding to your specific requirements and by taking, if necessary, new approaches,

  • giving their optimum support,

  • understanding the market and competitive situation of your company thanks to their long interdisciplinary experience and by realising the importance of pending decisions.

Our services

Combining their entrepreneurial experience with knowledge and creativity, corelegal finds reasonable solutions that are practical as well as commercial.

According to the client’s requirements the counselling includes more flexibility: The services ranges from the classical approach or a consulting hotline, via the extended arm of an outside counsel to the virtual external legal department.



In case of acquisitions and sales of companies corelegal gives advice and assistance from the due diligence process, via restructuring, negotiating and drafting of contracts to the targeted integration and reorganization of the acquired companies or business units.

corelegal renders services for different business transactions; particularly in response to issues such as

  • Which is the appropriate structure of the transaction considering the specific reasons; i. e.
    • Handover of business units with or without loss of control and/or with or without withdrawal from the day-to-day operations;
    • Follow-up regulations
    • Solving financing issues

  • Due diligence processes,

  • Drafting of SPAs

  • Transition and integration of the acquired companies or business units (“Carve Out”)

  • Assessment, evaluation and enforcement of warranty claims (“M&A Compliance”)

  • Support during restructuring measures (“Post Merger”); i. e.
    • Optimization under company law
    • Operational reorganisation and restructuring measures
    • Labour law issues

Drafting of contracts/agreements /Corporate Affairs

corelegal provides comprehensive support during the drafting of contracts following the principle that a good contract shall even include responses to issues that have not yet been considered during the preparation phase.

corelegal provides advisory support during the drafting, negotiating/adapting and concluding of contracts on basis of interdisciplinary experience:

  • Purchase – General agreements, individual calling-up contracts, general conditions of purchase, combined purchasing systems, outsourcing agreements

  • Administration – labour law disputes, issues concerning the operational co-determination, conclusion of reorganisation contracts and company wage agreements, questions regarding the commercial tenancy law

  • Finance – loan and financial agreements including the arrangement of loan securities; debt collection

  • Distribution – Delivery agreements (individual or general agreements), sales partner systems and cooperation, sales representative agreements, general terms and conditions

  • Research and development – protection of know-how, brands and patents and further industrial property rights as well as the drafting of research and development project contracts;

  • Affairs referring to shareholders, managing directors and/or executive board members – preparation and support for shareholders meetings, bylaws, agreements for managing directors/executive board members and issues of D&O liability

Labour law

corelegal accompanies transaction projects and gives simultaneously legal advice in issues referring to individual and collective labour law.

  • Issues arising during business transactions
    Design and support for business transactions, elaboration and implementation of acquisition plans

  • Labour law issues relating to business reorganisations
    Drafting and support for human resource measures (balancing of interests, redundancy payment scheme), reorganisation collective agreements

  • Individual labour law
    Representation of employers and bodies during the drafting and conclusion of employment and service contracts

Digital issues

corelegal works in an interdisciplinary way and renders therefore legal advice in issues referring to IT law, social media, e-commerce and data protection.

corelegal provides support in finding legal solutions for software and Internet issues such as “digital compliance”:

  • IT contracts (IT project agreements, software development agreements, outsourcing), e-commerce/Internet

  • General Terms and Conditions (online and offline)

  • Website check, particularly in case of online shops (B2B and B2C)

  • Social media presence (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Consumer protection, especially in case of distance selling and travel contract law

  • Data protection and data privacy

  • Advertising (online and offline), advertising models, newsletters, adtech.

The team focuses on giving legal advice in issues covering IT law, e-commerce, social media and data protection in the market sectors consumer products and services, online shops, coupon redemption, sport and fitness as well as travel and hotel industry.


Conflict settlement

corelegal embodies a profound experience in conducting trials and in settling amicably civil disputes (e. g. mediation) with an emphasis on labour law and shareholder disputes.


corelegal pursues your interests in court as well as in the framework of an out-of-court settlement.



Lars Barth has always been giving advice to entrepreneurs of medium-sized companies. He enforces the interests of his clients in negotiations as well as in litigation proceedings if no solution can be reached. His profound experiences in the entrepreneurial environment are a guarantee for success.

Michael Järkel was half of his professional career working as a lawyer and as a general counsel for financial investors. He was mainly responsible for the implementation of business transactions such as M&A as well as within the scope of his continuous support for portfolio companies for the drafting of interdisciplinary contracts.

Their long professional experience as lawyers and entrepreneurs ensure a sound legal advice with a deep comprehension for entrepreneurial contexts. This applies to sophisticated contracts and business transactions as well as for legal proceedings and mediation considering and assessing the existing risk of litigation.

Lars Barth


Lars Barth

Lars Barth joined a supra-local, interdisciplinary active law firm after having graduated in law at Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg in 1998. In 2000 he overtook one of the firm’s sites and ran it until 2011. Later he became partner in a nationally and internationally working law firm and has finally got a partner of corelegal. Today the implementation of own concepts and values is characteristic for his advisory competence. He focuses on the interdisciplinary advice for medium-sized companies in the areas of corporate law, commercial law, labour law (collective and individual labour law) as well as in the support and solution of shareholder disputes and Litigation.

Lars Barth is married and lives in Munich.


Michael Järkel


Michael Järkel

Michael Järkel studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich after having graduated in business administration at the Dualen Hochschule (University for applied sciences) in Stuttgart. After his studies he joined in the supra-locally working law firm Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (formerly called: Heuking Kühn Lüer Heussen Wojtek) where he focused on venture capital, business transactions like M&A, capital market law (initial public offering on the stock market) and became a partner. From 2005 Michael Järkel was General Counsel of two listed private equity investors and was responsible for a multitude of national and international M&A transactions as well as for the regular legal counselling of portfolio companies. As one of corelegal’s partners, he offers his know-how and competence to a wide range of clients.

Michael Järkel is married, father of two daughters and lives in Gräfelfing.


Leonie Splittgerber


Leonie Splittgerber
Leonie Splittgerber studied law at different universities: At first, she started studying law at the university of Passau, continued at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, and passed some time at the Université Francois Rabelai in Tours, France. She started working in a business law firm, later she was an inhouse-lawyer at a financial investor and was responsible for the regular legal advice and counselling of the portfolio company. Afterwards, she continued working as an inhouse-lawyer for the market-leading event and experience service provider and tour operator. She focused on giving legal advice to the executive management as well as to different departments: IT law, e-commerce, marketing, distribution law and data protection. Providing support to clients Leonie Splittgerber always combines her comprehensive detailed knowledge with a sound understanding for entrepreneurial issues.

Leonie Splittgerber is married, mother of three children and lives in Munich.

Felix Link


Felix Link

Felix Link studied law at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and the Università La Sapienza in Rome. During his legal traineeship at the Higher Regional Court of Munich (Oberlandesgericht München), he worked for well-known boutique law firms focusing on commercial law and litigation. Felix Link attaches importance to looking at the law as a "big picture" in order to best serve the interests of the clients. He focuses on dispute resolution, commercial and corporate law and labour law.




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