“Everything starts with the mutual
understanding and comprehension.”
corelegal Rechtsanwälte

“We fight for your interest with passion and are engaged in achieving your goals with heart and soul.”


“We say what we can do, and we admit honestly what we cannot do – and both before we start working!”


“We take responsibility for our statements, since you can trust us!”


“We use a clear language as basis for our comprehensible working results.”


“We focus on the crucial elements without any superfluous knickknack.”



“We fight for your interest with passion and are engaged in achieving your goals with heart and soul.”



“We say what we can do, and we admit honestly what we cannot do – and both before we start working!”



“We take responsibility for our statements, since you can trust us!”



“We use a clear language as basis for our comprehensible working results.”



“We focus on the crucial elements without any superfluous knickknack.”



Welcome to corelegal

Legal advice for mid cap entrepreneurs has always been the focus of activity for the partners at corelegal. We consciously say “entrepreneur” as the personal relationship of trust with you is the focus of our work. The intensive analysis of you as an entrepreneur and your business model is the foundation of our counsel/advice, as “Everything begins with common understanding.”

Values such as passion, openness, commitment, clarity and efficiency are of fundamental importance to us. These values are not simply buzzwords but reflect our convictions. These values express what you can expect from us, as we expect no more and no less from ourselves.



You are playing in the highest league and you are looking for an outfit “out of the ordinary” that will really stand out on the red carpet”? You ask yourself: “Shopping mall or boutique?” You know: your requests must be placed into the hands of a trusted advisor who understands you, will satisfy your individual needs and develops clear, creative and high-quality solutions, thus making the boutique the right choice for you!

corelegal has modelled itself on this - a law office with “boutique character”. We respond to your special requests, explore new avenues where necessary when looking for solutions, and place priority on quality, all based on an exceptional and clearly defined range of services.

We are available to you in the best possible way - you speak with the “boss” as one of our partners personally takes care of your assignment. Due to our long-standing cross-industry experience, we are in a position to understand the general conditions in the market and competition environment in which your business operates and to put into context the significance of the decisions you face - guarantees for meeting your quality standards.




corelegal provides support for business purchases and sales starting with the due diligence, the structuring, drafting and negotiation of contracts up to the target-oriented integration and reorganisation of any purchased businesses or business units.


corelegal provides support and advice for business transactions, in particular for

  • the decision-making process about the most suitable structure of the transaction in view of and focusing on your individual motivations, i.e.
    • the sale of business units with or without loss of control or rather with or without withdrawal from day-to-day operational business,
    • creation of a succession solution or
    • solution of financing matters

  • implementation and preparation of due diligence;

  • creation and negotiation of Sale and Purchase Agreements right up to closing;

  • Post-closing issues such as transition and integration of acquired businesses or business units (“carve out”)

  • Establishment, assessment and enforcement of warranty claims (“M&A compliance”)

  • Support during post transaction processes, i.e.
    • corporate and organisational restructuring
    • advice on reorganisation
    • labour law issues

Drafting of Contracts/Corporate Affairs

corelegal advises comprehensively during the drafting and negotiation of contracts creating the basis for your success. Every contract shall also offer solutions to questions that no one has thought of at the time of preparation.


We support you during the creation, adjustment and ending of contracts on the basis of long-standing and cross-industry experience; thus, e.g.:

  • Purchase – single or framework agreements, general conditions of purchase; combined purchasing systems, outsourcing contracts,

  • Administration - labour law disputes, issues of operational co-determination, conclusion of collective bargain and shop agreements, in particular reorganisation contracts and company wage agreements as well as questions of commercial tenant law;

  • Finance – loan and other financial agreements including the arrangement of loan securities; debt collection;

  • Distribution – delivery agreements (single or framework agreements), sales partner systems, sales representative contracts, general terms and conditions;

  • Research and development – protection of know-how, brands and patents and other industrial property rights as well as the design of R&D project contracts;

  • Matters concerning shareholders/managing directors or the executive board – preparation and support for shareholder meetings, Bylaws, contracts for managing directors/executive board members and issues of D&O liability.

Furthermore, we also advise on all ongoing affairs of your business, whether it will be case-related or on a long-term basis as your “outsourced legal department”.


Conflict resolution

corelegal has extensive and far-reaching experience in litigation and out-of-court settlements (e.g. mediation) in civil law matters with a particular focus on shareholder disputes and employee law on the side of the employer.


corelegal will represent your interests in both legal proceedings and out-of-court dispute settlements

Alongside the solution of latent conflicts, corelegal stands for far-sighted legal advice with the goal of avoiding conflicts through the early recognition of opposite interests and, thus minimising any risks incurred.



The corelegal partners have, for many years, offered legal advice to mid cap entrepreneurs in many different industries. They have worked together since 2005 and during this time have developed a common understanding for legal services, based on establishing their clients' actual needs.

Our experience is the quality factor for knowledgeable legal advice with an extensive understanding of business relationships and is thus the crucial factor for bespoke solutions and contract designs. We master the confident handling of complex contract projects, in particular M&A transactions, as well as the management of legal proceedings and mediations including a forward-looking assessment of litigation risks.

Lars Barth

Lars Barth, thanks to his profound knowledge of the market conditions and the current business setting of his clients, is able to recognise potential for conflicts early and to develop tailor-made solutions. If it is not possible to reach these at the negotiation table, Lars Barth will firmly represent the interests of his clients during litigation proceedings.

Lars Barth

After graduating in law at Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, in 1998 Lars Barth joined a regional, multidisciplinary law firm as a lawyer, where he subsequently took over one of the firm's locations as his own law firm. After entering a law firm that operated at both national and international level, he decided on a partnership at corelegal, giving him the opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience in an advisory concept shaped by his own beliefs and values. His priorities lie in cross-industry commercial law counsel for mid cap businesses in the areas of corporate and commercial law as well as support and solutions for shareholder disputes.

Lars Barth is married and lives in Munich.


Michael Järkel

Michael Järkel was active respectively for one half of his career as a lawyer and as a general counsel for financial investors, responsible for focusing on the completion of M&A transactions as well as general legal counsel to cross-industry portfolio companies.

Michael Järkel

After completing his studies at the Dualen Hochschule Stuttgart in Stuttgart in business management, Michael Järkel studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. With admission as a lawyer in 1996, Michael Järkel joined the regional Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (previously: Heuking Kühn Lüer Heussen Wojtek) and was active in the consulting areas of venture capital investments, M&A transactions and public offerings, most recently as partner. Subsequently he was General Counsel for two listed private equity investors and was responsible for a multitude of national and international M&A transactions as well as ongoing legal counsel for portfolio companies. His desire to offer his expertise from an independent position to a wide range of clients was the main motive to join the partnership at corelegal.

Michael Järkel is married, father of two daughters and lives in Gräfelfing.




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